"Sense the sensation of Sensei Sushi Bar"
Sta. Cruz, Aruba. Tlf.: (+297) 5850508 / 5850800 / 7406347 

Sensei Sushi Bar


Santa Cruz 76-B Lokaal 2 Santa Cruz, Aruba

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Nuta  Salad 19.00
 Green Salad with fish and seafood 
served with sweet miso paste dressing.   

Wakame Salad 14.00
 Green seaweed salad.

Crab Salad 18.50
 Green seaweed with crab.

Fried Funchi 18.00
 Fried funchi topped 
spicy salmon and tuna

 Shrimp Tempura 22.00
4 pc shrimp tempura style 
and served with sensei dressing.

        Smoked Salmon Tempura 13.00
  Salmon Tempura
with Sensei Sauce.

Veggie Tempura 18.00
Assorted vegetable deepfried 
served with homemade sauce. 

 Tuna Tataki  22.00
  Fine layers of 
tuna dressed with ponzu sauce.

 Miso Soup  9.00
Soy bean paste soup served 
with tofu and scallion.

 Gyosa 15.00
4 pc Japanese pork dumpling served
 with sensei dressing. 

 Shumai 17.00
 4 pc Japanese shrimp dumpling 
served with sensei dressing.  

 Kushi Tori 11.50
 2 pc Chicken sate crusteed 
covered with eel sauce. 

  Edamame 11.50
 Soy beans pot boiled. 

     Monkey Balls 17.00
  Stufeed mushroom with salmon 
& tuna cooked tempura style.   

  Eri's Balls 12.00
 Stuffed spicy cream cheese crab cooked tempura style.


California Roll 16.50
 Crab, masago, avocado, cucumber
and sesame seeds. 

 Spicy Tuna Roll 18.00
 Raw tuna mixed with spicy sauce and 
cucumber and sesame seeds. 

Shrimp Mango Roll 22.00
 Crab, shrimp, cream cheese, 
lettuce and mango.  

Zeerover Roll 20.50
 Tuna, crab, avocado, masago, cucumber, 
lettuce and mayo.

Santa Cruz Roll  20.50
 Tuna & salmon tartar, with avocado 
and lettuce.

Smoked Salmon Roll 16.50
 Smoked salmon, cream cheese, 
and scallion.  

Alaska Roll 16.50
 Salmon with avocado,
cream cheese and sesame seeds.

Vegeterian Roll 9.50
Assorted vegetable. 

Rainbow Roll 26.50
California roll topped with assorted fish. 

Dinamite Roll 20.50
 California roll topped with spicy crab salad. 

Sensei Roll 23.50
 Spicy salmon & tuna tartar with avocado, sesame seeds topped
with salmon, avocado and wakame salad. 

 Firecracker Roll 26.50
Spicy seafood cut tartar with avocado 
topped with eel sauce and wakame salad. 

   Eel Roll 24.50
 Broiled eel cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, 
sesame seeds topped with eel sauce. 

Balashi Roll  27.50
Broiled eel, avocado, salmon, cucumber topped
with avocado and eel sauce.  

Sensation Roll 26.50
Assorted fish and seafood cut tartar style
covered with salmon, avocado and seaweed salad. 

Savaneta Roll 31.50
 Eel, crab, mayo, avocado, cucumber 
topped spicy crab salad. 

Eel Mango Roll 27.50
 Eel, crab, cream cheese, lettuce and 

Undercover Roll  31.50
(Created by Daly Shirland) 
Boiled shrimp, eel, cream cheese cucumber, 
avocado and sesame seeds topped with cognac sauce.


Esaki Ta Cos Roll  31.50
(Created by Rymard Boekhoudt)
Spicy crabsalad, cucumber, tuna topped 
with smoked salmon, masago spicy mayo. 

Shrimp Tempura Roll 24.50
Shrimp tempura, crab, avocado 
and rommaine lettuce.

Como Tu Roll 31.50
Boiled Shrimp, Spicy Tuna, Cream Cheese topped with Spicy 
Mayo Sauce, Seaweed Salad and Masago.

 Erotic Sake Roll 26.50
Deepfried Salmon stuffed with crab cream cheese and eel
topped with  sweet sauce.

   Negimaki Roll  20.50
Beef with cream cheese and lettuce.

    Salmon Skin Roll 15.50
Salmon Skin Roll deepfried with masago, cucumber and avocado.

     Kushi Tori Roll 16.50
Chicken sate crusteed with cream cheese
and lettuce

      Space Roll 27.50 
Shrimp tempura, crab, lettuce, avocado topped
with spicy seafood cut tartar style.

         Tremendo Roll 26.50 
Wrapped Salmon & tuna cooked tempura style, crab,lettuce,
avocado,mayo topped with eel and wakame salad.

          Super Tempura Roll 24.50
Shrimp Tempura, crab and cream cheese crusteed with
tempura style and eel sauce.

       Ta Bueno Roll 34.50
Salmon, tuna, white fish make tempura style topped with
special chef mix.

      Banana Roll (Ask Available) 24.50
Stuffed plantain with cream cheese, eel,
Salmon cut in roll style and served with eel sauce.

 Crispy Eel Roll 23.00
Crispy eel cream cheese, cucumber, avocado,
sesame seeds topped with eel sauce.

      Dragon Roll 27.50
Shrimp tempura, crab, masago, mayo, lettuce, cucumber topped
with eel, avocado, seaweed salad and eel sauce.

     Fried Roll 23.50
Salmon, tuna, white fish make tempura style

     Natural Bridge Roll 27.50 
Crab, Salmon, mayo, avocado, cucumber topped with shrimp tempura,
masago and wakame salad.

 Rasta Roll 27.50
Crusteed eel, cream cheese and crab topped gratinated cheese,
wakame salad and crab.

       Coconut Rusty Roll 27.50
Coconut crusteed shrimp, crab,cream cheese lettuce topped
seaweed salad and eel sauce.

 Volcano Roll 26.50
Assorted fish and seafood cut tartar style wrapped with fish with spicy
mayo sauce.

 Pink Raz (Created by Andrew Westerburger) 26.50
Shrimp Tempura, crab, cream cheese,
avocado, lettuce wrapped in rice paper.

 Piggy Roll  20.50
Porklion with cream cheese and lettuce .

 Mega Tempura Roll 26.50
Salmon, Tuna deepfried cream cheese topped with spicy crab salad.

        One Night Stand Roll  31.50
(Created by Yonelo Wernet & Alton Nicolaas) 
Crispy eel, Crispy Squid, spicy crab salad with cream cheese and avocado
gratinated with cheese and seaweed salad.

 Ninja Roll ( Rayma ) 31.50
Wrapped salmon & tuna cooked tempura style crab, lettuce, avocado,
mayo topped with smoked salmon and seaweed salad.

Squid Tempura Roll 24.50
Crispy squid, spicy crab salad, lettuce topped with masago
and sesame seeds.

 Veggie Tempura Roll  18.00
Assorted vegetables tempura.

Gordon Blue Roll  17.50
Chicken sate crusteed, ham, cheese and cream cheese.

     Mexican Roll  24.50
Spicy Mix Seafood, Cream Cheese rolled in Flour Tortilla Deepried.  

 Arubiano Cayente Roll  35.50
Conch, Smoked Salmon, Cheese and Spicy Cream Cheese topped with Spicy Mango Crabsalad.

 Land & Sea Roll 27.50
Beef, Kushi Tori, Cream Cheese, Avocado, Lettuce topped with Shrimp and Crab.

    Hachu Roll 27.50
shrimp tempura,crab and cream cheese crusted with tempura style and served with spicey crab salad on top.

 Wanta Bo Cos Roll 23.50
Beef, Spicy Cream Cheese, Crab topped with Spicy Tuna Roll.

 Esaki Ta Cos Roll 31.50
Spicy crabsalad, cucumber, tuna topped with smoked salmon, masago spicy mayo.

 Meat Lover Roll 26.50
Beef, pork, kushi tori and cream cheese topped with cheese and bacon cooked in oven.

Combination  Platter

Hooiberg Platter 27.50
4 pc California Roll & 4 pc Spicy Tuna Roll
4 pc Crab Mango Roll & 4 pc Smoked Salmon Roll.

Atatai Platter 36.50
4 pc Dragon Roll & 4 pc Fried Roll &
4 pc Crispy Eel Roll.

Arashi Combination 38.50
4 pc Nigiri & 9 Pc Sashimi &
6 pc California Roll.

Fisherman Special 41.50
20 pc Mixed Sashimi

Jamanota Platter 46.50
2 pc Kushi Tory & 2 pc Gyosa & 2 pc Shumai
4 pc California Roll & 4 pc Spicy Tuna Roll
4 pc Crab Mango Roll & 4 pc Smoked Salmon Roll.

Nigiri (2 pc)  or Sashimi  (4 pc)     13.50

Tuna, Crab, Salmon, White Fish,  Shrimp , Scallops,
Octopus,  Squid,  Eel,  Masago  


Fried Ice Cream 12.50

Banana Tempura 12.50

Fried Cheese Cake 12.50